Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gaga for Lady Gaga

Lou's favourite singer is Lady Gaga, she wanted to go and see her when she was touring with the Pussy Cat Dolls, which we never got to. So when we heard that she was playing Auckland we got Lou and me a ticket to see her.
We had seen her raving reviews on the internet. She even phoned in a local radio station to say how excited she was to be playing in New Zealand and had made sure that we got to see the show everyone else did.
We all headed to Auckland (even Paddy) did a bit of geocaching on the way up there. Watching a guy catch a big snapper from the rocks!! Stevie was going mad he didn't put the rods in. Then had tea at some little chippy, the kids got these twist potatoes!!!
The show started with her support band who liked to swear a lot and me and Lou just laughed at them (wouldn't of been as pleased if Lou had been younger - although knowing Lady G....). She came on stage at 9.20 and last 2 hours and several costume changes later. She was very good, the show was brilliant, she reminded me of a young Madonna to be truthful. So we both enjoyed ourselves and had a good dance (love a concert where you can dance).

School's sports day

Lou has been made House Leader again this year. She loves this role and sports days are a major event for the Leader from organising the house to motivating them to do well (and make lots of noise!!).
The swimming sports day is held at the local (outdoor) swimming pools and it was a lovely day too (although I was unable to go as in work :-( ). Lou did well (she was up against some kids from swimming clubs, she did well as leader too (although St Nick's didn't do so well!).
Let this be the only time I see her holding a banner saying come on red!!!

Well it's 3 years ago ........................................

Since we left the shore of Blighty and started the new chapter of our lives in Aotearoa. If folks don't know we had never even visit here before we 'jumped in the deep end' by selling up, packing our stuff, hopping on a jumbo and breaking some hearts along the way.
When we landed we stayed with some kind (understatement if ever there was) friends while the house selling in the UK still went through (I would not live that last week for a winning lotto ticket - honest). I got a job here and that's why we set up in this particular part of the country.
It certainly hasn't been 'plain sailing' we have had ups and downs, but the kids have a great life living in the countyside (we came from a overpopulated city), the house we live in is bigger and better then we had in the UK (although paying a mortgage cripples you what ever part of the world you live in LOL), the climate is certainly better, the place is beautiful, we feel safer and we live and do things we could only dream of doing (or only on a 2 week holiday). Some times I have to pinch myself that we live here.
There are still things we miss about the UK (galaxy choc for starters!!) and of course there are lots of people we do still miss terribly, but thank goodness for technology, the web and a web cam.
Will we live here forever? Who knows! And by that I mean if someone had told me 15 years ago I would live here I've of betted a million pound that I wouldn't of - Me never!! so on that who knows what the future will bring. But we call this place home and I am more then happy that we CHOSE to live here.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

This week we.....

Well it was a good friends birthday party. J is one of the nicest people you could meet, we met him as we have a shared love of Everton Football Club. J is from Blackpool but is a manic blue, one of his presents was the flag pole, another the Everton (YAY) flag his wife and kids bought him a personalised number plate "TOFEEZ". Here are some piccies from his birthday party

The birthday boy himself with Key both in their kits of course!!!

I went to a bead class with my good friend Ange. She does a bit of beading and we thought it would be fun to take a class or two. We saw this real pretty necklace and was told it was easier then it looked, you crocheted with the wire. Now I am a crocheter so thought I'd have a go and it look so pretty. Well I managed it but poor Ange - well lets just say she is going to wear the beads in the bag!!! But we did laugh all the way home. It could only happen to me or her. Anyway I am chuffed to say I made this and I just love it.

Then L had been asked to sing at Mass. She did really well as the others did too. It's lovely to hear her sing and I know that the people at church love it and they always come up and tell her at the end. We are so proud of her. Ka Pai Lou, love you lots xxx

Some funny videos from the camping trip

My kids having fun in the watering hole on rubber rings - life doesn't get any better. Look out for the bum wiggle!!!

Peace, quiet, fun, rest the two kids playing together then.......................................................
Fighting like an old married couple, I wonder were they get that from????