Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend camping

A friend recommended this camp site to us and we went there for my birthday and I had one of the best birthdays I have ever had.
So last weekend we went back there. Packed up the car, picked the kids up from school on the way and headed to Ruapuke (said Rua pooky) just outside Raglan (about 1 1/2 hours from home). As we arrived Paddy was squealing with delight. We just chilled, read, played games, went in the watering hole, paddled (can't swim there too rough) and had a beach fire in the evening. It's just great there and we all love it. Here are some of the many piccies we took.

The watering hole on the camp site.

Here are some piccies taken by my uber talented daughter, she isn't even 12 yet and take some professional looking picture.

A night on the town with Gin (& no tonic)

One of my prezzies for Christmas was local singer Gin Wigmore's CD. It's FAB, so when she played in Auckland we just had to see her live and she was just great. We got to meet her at the end too.

Mum's visit highlights

Well mum has been and gone (and planning her next trip). We had a FAB time while she was over. Unfortunately we didn't do as much as we had planned seeing as I put my back out for most of her hols (hence why I didn't blog) but at least I was at home with her and she could fluff my pillow and give me a cuddle when the pain was bad - like no one can but your Mum can.
Mum, as ever, threw herself into whatever we did (bushwalking, body boarding, went in dark caves/tunnels etc etc) and we had to keep remembering that she was a 'twirly' (OAP). She caught up with friends and made new ones (including our chickens). She really loves it here and we love having her. But once again the time came for her to leave and again tears flowed.
But here are some piccies of the highlight of her stay. Till the next time Mum - love ya xxx

Mum had to go on swing bridges quite a bit - didn't help that Steve and the kids would rock them!!!

In the caves at Waitomo

Stevie jumping out at her (the cave was pitch black) and yes she did cr*p herself hee hee.

In our spa pool at home with her beautiful granddaughter

Having a barbie (they are public FREE ones) on the beach at the Mount.

Oh yes the South Pacific Ocean can be cold even in summer.

On the bodyboards - chillin

Big as creams and cookies and yes they were as nice as they looked